Argar Technology is the R&D department created to study and produce innovative textiles implementing characteristics and combinations to meet the market demand and to ensure high quality standards throughout the entire production process localized in Italy.

Technology and Expertise
in protective knitted fabrics
Made in Italy

Quality control

All Argar Fabrics are checked after each processing step.
The final quality control provides for the systematic verification of the 100% of the production.
Argar guarantees that all its Knitted Fabrics and accessories are manufactured and finished in Italy.

Safety and Comfort
guaranteed by Argar’s protective knitted fabrics


Argar srl achieved ISO 9001 certification, and joined the voluntary TF-Traceability & Fashion system that allows the final consumer to verify the origin of the raw materials and the production chain. All the Knitted Fabrics and accessories produced by Argar are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class II.