Spincoil Technology

Argar Technology has developed the innovative SPINCOIL technology that allows to dissipate electrostatic charges via continuous yarn containing antistatic fiber. The result is an excellent dissipative capacity of the fabric that persists even after several washing and drying cycles.

Colour Dyeing

Argar srl can produce very low minimum dyeing batches according to a sample colour or Pantone®.

Project 2.0 – Argar and the environment

The brand 2.0 identifies knitted fabrics and textiles accessories produced by Argar Srl with Recycled Raw Materials.The Project 2.0 is the answer to the Green Procurement Policy adopted by Public Administrations and Private Companies.Argar Srl involved in the Project 2.0 only companies located in the surrounding area thus minimizing the environmental impact.The fabrics included in Project 2.0 are produced with 100% recycled polyester yarn: Safety, Comfort and Argar Quality to protect the environment.

FFRES – Naturally Fresh

FFRES is a powerful, long lasting antibacterial treatment based on application of Silver micro composites on the surface of Protective Knitted Fabrics of Argar Technology.The strong antimicrobial properties of this treatment ensure maximum hygiene and absence of odours, even after frequent washing cycles.FFRES maintains the natural physiological balance of the skin, providing an extraordinary feeling of cleanliness and freshness. FFRES Antibacterial Treatment complies with EN ISO 20743.

Double Knitting

Double Knitting technology allows to exploit the extraordinary properties of durability, resistance to washing and fastness of the fiber colours of polyester with the comfort and benefits in terms of breathability and hygiene of pure cotton in contact with the skin.

Industrial washing

Argar Technology benefits from the experience of the German Institute Hohenstein, for the certification of knitted fabrics conform with industrial laundry processes in accordance with EN ISO 15797.

This development allowed to increase the washing temperatures and the compliance with drying process in tunnel or tumbler at high temperature, keeping the quality of the fabric, the antistatic, flare retardant and high visibility characteristics, saving the chromaticity of the colours after several industrial laundry treatments.


Argar Technology and Lenzing® AG, primary global producer of Flame Resistant Cellulosic Fibers, started a close collaboration to project and manufacture high performance Protective Knitted Fabrics, with Antistatic and Flame Retardant features.

The result of this collaboration is E910 the antistatic fleece, flame retardant and with protection against the thermal effects of the electric arc; certified EN 1149, EN ISO 11612, EN ISO 14116, EN 61482.

Multifunctional Knitted Fabrics – 4 PROTECTION LEVEL

The multifunctional knitted fabrics designed by Argar Technology represent the complete protection. The Tes-fir-ESD®-HV range combines fire resistance, antistatic, high visibility and protection from thermal effects of the electric arc.


Fleece fabrics developed by Argar Technology are also used to assemble specific Compounds with breathable wind-stopper membrane in order to satisfy the various technical performance requirements closely related to the different work environment conditions.
Compound Tes-firESD® WS900 guarantees antistatic and flame retardant performances.
Compounds ResistComfort E138-M, WS604, WS128 guarantee optimal Low Pilling and wind-stopper performances, Compound ShieldTes® WS128-ESD guarantees also anti-static performances.


YelcoDry knitted fabrics are projected to improve the comfort characteristics of the garments worn for long time or in uncomfortable environmental conditions.
Polypropylene in the inner layer of the fabric in contact with the skin to guarantee high performances of comfort and to avoid unpleasant odours even after many hours of use.
Cotton in the outer layer of the fabric to guarantee the absorption capacity and to keep the chance to customize the colour.

Available also YelcoDry esd protective knitted fabrics, with antistatic performances.