Argar textiles meet the Minimal Environmental Criteria

Argar pays special attention to environmental sustainability. For years we have been producing fabrics used for the manufacturing of WORKWEAR and DPI – requested in PA’s calls for tenders – that meet the requirements of MEC (Minimal Environmental Criteria).

Minimal Environmental Criteria (MEC) are environmental requirements set out for the different stages of the purchasing process. MEC’s aim is to identify the environmentally preferable design solution, product or service throughout their whole life cycle, taking into account the market availability.

MEC are laid down in the Plan for the environmental sustainability of consumption in the public administration sector and are adopted by Decree of the Minister of the Environment for the Protection of Land and Sea (IT).

The criteria’s uniform and systematic application enables environmental technologies dissemination and allows for the diffusion of the most environmentally favourable products. Furthermore, by exerting leverage on the market, MEC prompt the less virtuous economic operators to adapt to the new requests of the public administration.